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Fortune telling machine

Quiz instruction:

We created this funny quiz where we predict your future. Tell us how old are you and we will predict your life till death.  Find out here more about your future on personal horoscope and who will be love of your life using this love match.

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11 Responses to “Fortune telling machine”

  1. allison roy says:

    its pimped out!

  2. QueenA says:

    ooooookkk thats creppy @}–,—

  3. No name. says:

    How can a machine tell my fortune??? Who says i’d die in december. That is creepy!!

  4. Guadalupe says:

    This website is mean because for me it said that i wasn’t going to finish college and that i would have a job as a taxi driver. Also it told me who I will marry and the name of the kids I will have. It tells me that I will die in December 9,2054 and that is mean!!! Can’t I just have a nurmal life and not die in a car crash!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not like this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. no name 2 says:

    This is soooo obviously wrong because not everyone who is 11-16 yrs will die in a car crash, or have kids. And it was wrong about me because firstly, why would I call my baby girl Alex, I’d call her Alexa, and second, I will not finish school in 2020. I’m 12, I finish school in 6 yrs! Work it out.

  6. Yvette says:

    dats totally fake its stupid. waht kind of a qame is dis.
    STUPID ASS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Chelseaa' says:

    That was dumb.. Matee I’d never call my kid Max!

  8. reiley says:

    when will i get a boyfried

  9. JESSIE says:

    yo mamama

  10. marina says:


  11. Sarah Smith says:


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