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Justin Bieber quiz

Quiz instruction:

Justin Bieber quiz with details from his life. Find out how much you know about Justin Bieber and learn something you didn’t know. What is the name of his mother and father, when and where he was born, who discover him and much more questions about Justin Bieber. Girls enjoy in this Justin Bieber quiz.

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59 Responses to “Justin Bieber quiz”

  1. meia219 says:

    Dear Justin,

    You are a inspiration you inspire me to do alot of things i could not do before.Everytime before i make a decision to ask my poster of you in my room what do you think about it or a picture on my phone and think about what you would say.You are alsome and hope to see you and dont worry justin the girl just right for you is coming soon.


  2. jocelyn says:


  3. ceecee gomez says:

    dear justin,
    you inspire me todo things that everyone told me i could’nt do and one lucky gurl will find you or you will find that one gurl very soon

    love,ceecee gomez

  4. iesha says:

    hey justin ur the best singer ever

  5. it about a baby that you can play

  6. georgia says:

    Dear Justin ,
    i don’t like you cause your famous i like you for your personality your sweet , funny, and charming you inspire me. i like singing its my passion i love it and you inspire me please come to Baltimore,Maryland in July. your awesome. peace!
    sincerely, georgia

  7. mallory says:

    justin bieber all the time losing myself about it about mallory all day along because everybody losing me i can not take it anymore i needed somebody with me im crying harder and harder all my life is over crying to the shoulder somebody wanted me so to me why you do this to me i wanted to be alone crying alone what happend to mallory what happend to me yeah show me how happend to her bring me home crying for help my pain wrose

  8. Amyah says:

    I love your lyrics. They’re sweet. I’m a fan of you Justin bieber.

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