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Justin Bieber quiz

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Justin Bieber quiz with details from his life. Find out how much you know about Justin Bieber and learn something you didn’t know. What is the name of his mother and father, when and where he was born, who discover him and much more questions about Justin Bieber. Girls enjoy in this Justin Bieber quiz.

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59 Responses to “Justin Bieber quiz”

  1. serina says:

    if you like me contact me on yahoo.

  2. serina says:


  3. Lily says:

    You rock.love your music

  4. omg i would die 2 have dinner with justin bieber!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sarah says:


    If I win this I will scream very loud. I am eight years old and all I do is think about you and sing your songs. I have earrings that have your face on them, a shirt with you on it, a jacket, pants, pjs, and a backpack. My room is filled with posters. My friends tell me I’m nuts but I don’t see it. Who doesn’t like you??? LOSERS!!!


  6. tyairria says:

    hi jb i want to know can you come see me

  7. Robyn Jane Batchelor says:

    well this quiz was intresting i passed aswell :L and i guessed the answers love you jb x

  8. sarah says:

    justin i really love you and you’ve taught me so much now when i look at the 75 posters of you on my wall i say the reason why i sing is because of you tank you justin when nobody told me i could live my dream i told them “never say never” and if my friends don’t like you i love you a lot i just want you to know that. And justin your really awesome i wish you good luck with all my heart!
    – Sarah S.

  9. sarah says:

    thank not tank

  10. sarah says:

    and i passed the quiz!!

  11. sarah says:

    oh i got an 100%

    Sarah S.

  12. Hey Justin Drew Bieber,JBfor short,i am your #1 fan.well maybe your 1 millonth fan.i am curious why did you have that girl do that to you on your youtube video somebody to love.anyway it made me mad.:)
    oh do u love to play pranks?my friend kirsten gigsby says that u talk 2her on facebook do you really?if u do then talk to me and send me a friends request>p.s. loved your song pray it rocked(our phone#is 439-6199)play a prank on my sister

  13. reem says:

    hi my name is reem and im a huge huge fan i met you at a consert and i wish i could see you again my mum and my big sister is a huge fan to any way good luck hope i see you again and i love your new haircut

  14. jordan says:

    i love you jb

  15. jordan says:

    i love you with all my heart please reply to me on weeworld or make a new one and dont tell anyone we can talk i am soccercutie123

  16. Selena says:


  17. mihai says:

    So young and so good.

  18. geeth madhuhansa says:

    I like Justin Bieber.He is a good Singer.i like his songs very mush.U smile is my favourite song.

  19. Abhishek Das says:

    this IS A VERY good forum.. i like it and everybody also likes it…….hv a nc day

  20. dellus says:

    I think he is great.

  21. Samtgust says:

    Yeah it is very good. justin will take concert in my country. And My BF is ver happyy to come. her song is very good.

  22. jennifer says:

    id do anything for justin bieber!!

  23. sereinitie says:

    justin bieber u are a handsome fala!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. This site really good for ladies game. Every girl like this site

  25. Rifat Aowlad says:

    your music really rocks justin bieber.you rock man

  26. yasmeengull says:

    i love this site its fun and fragrance of love too

  27. chanel says:

    I am your biggest fan i love u your the best and u and selena are really a good couple i hope you guys have a good relation ship love you


  29. shanise/mrs.bieber says:

    i love u and i wish u where my husband and u are sooooooooooooooo hot oh love the shirt of pics

    love shanise/ms.bieber

  30. rowena says:


  31. Central Random says:

    hey jsutin my name is central i one day hope to be famous and i also hope one day to tell you u inspired me to follow my dreaks no matter how hard it is my parents are split up too and im crazey talented im a picies and everything and trust me half the things you say im goin through now i just am talking to u for some advise if my dreams is to write poems and sing songs and also be a song writer in the famous world is it really worth it from someone of expereince i love you jb like a fan and maybe one day like a brother love central ps tell pattie i say hey!

  32. Central Random says:

    never say never big brotha ove you and your songs!

  33. Central Random says:

    if i write you a song and its good would you sing it because your closer to the famous life then i am lol love central babeeeeeee

  34. anni says:

    hyy justin bieber ilove justin you are mY dream

  35. jade says:

    get ur ass by me and jump in the bed! jade xxx

  36. Shukeyla says:

    Hey justin bieber iz ur gyrl im ur biggest fan in the whole wide world i listen tu ur music every chance i gett i cannt realy tell u hw much i luv u cause i realy du i wish i culd stay wth u n be ur girlfriend i hope u respond jux hit me up on facebook r yahoo @ vovomcjimpsey@yahoo.com!!!1 Ur biggest fan/ girlfriend LOL!!!!!!

  37. Maidul says:

    I love justin very much……….

  38. sharif says:

    hi, justin, pls contact on my yahoo address.

  39. alanis says:

    hi justin bieber i think ur cute an so hot byeeeeeeeee

  40. liliana says:

    Justin Bieber rox! he’s my life

  41. shiwanka says:

    I Love you so much

  42. anthony says:

    hello justin bieber how are you

  43. anthony says:

    hello justin bieber how are you and I want to come to Ecuador plis

  44. Hailey says:

    xoxoxoxo This is for u JB: Hailey’s One Time Version.
    imma tell him 0 times. cause he makes me happy right by his side i’ll be. Cause i’m his #1 girl he’s my #1 boy. Always makin time for him. Cause he’s the 1 (times3).

  45. alejandra says:

    hello si bieber

  46. junliana says:

    i love justin bieber

  47. junliana says:

    justin drew bieber

  48. kacey says:

    justin drew bieber u r so so so hot i love u

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