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Love quiz

Quiz instruction:

Answer the questions and find out what type of boy will be your dreamdate.

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11 Responses to “Love quiz”

  1. saroj says:

    i really like this work.

  2. MONI says:

    I really like handsome boy.

  3. sudipta says:

    oF course a nice & handsome boy.

  4. aru says:

    girl quizz

  5. allison roy says:

    its really weird i got the rebel!!!!!!!!

  6. emo chick says:

    this test is stupid.i date the cool werid crazy and bye crazy i mean crazy.me and cody are perfect

  7. maryam says:

    hello =)

  8. kitten says:

    I got the Jock then the Nerd

  9. Sadie Azure says:

    hey whats up buddy and are u doing after school this your best friend taylor

  10. yea that is so true

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