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My dog quiz

Quiz instruction:

Take the test to find your perfect dog! Pick the images that describe you best to reveal your classic canine companion!

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11 Responses to “My dog quiz”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    This game is really fun. But do they only have 3 dogs?????

  2. valentina hoyos valencia says:

    jajaja qe feo ese perro guacala como la mia qe nadie la tiene coolombia y es shiszu
    chao y disculpe por desirles eso pero definitiva mente gaS llavegas gas gelouuu vurvay chao eavemaria

  3. aishwarya says:

    hi……. im fine are u okkkkkkkkkkkk?

  4. ahoj dastyhe klik ty je let a jak se mas

  5. brianna says:

    i bet im the lab…so cute i have a puppy…

  6. brianna says:

    i was not the lab.

  7. brianna says:

    i was the dutiful dalmation smart and sweet dog….

  8. Patches says:

    I Love My Doq!!!!!!!!

  9. ericka says:

    i wont a puppy

  10. ericka says:

    my sister is funny i take a quiz

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