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When will I get married quiz

Quiz instruction:

This quiz for girls will tell you when will you get married. Honestly answer to 10 questions and find out you’re wedding date.

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11 Responses to “When will I get married quiz”

  1. izul says:

    marriage is not something easy.
    we not only need love, but how are we prepared to navigate the material and psychological for life with our spouse forever. ^_^’

  2. dimpy says:

    i want to see when will get married

  3. angel says:

    ur a idot izul marrgie is great

  4. Eklavya says:


  5. Lia says:

    Woah I’m like under 15 years old and it said I’m very close to getting married. O_O

  6. vasanthhi says:

    please send when will i marriage

  7. Janene koert says:

    When will i get married,is it with my childs father?.

  8. Janelle says:

    1.say ur name 10x
    2.say ur mom’s name 5x
    3.say ur crush’s name 3x
    4.then paste this to 4 other quizs,if you do this your crush will kiss you on the nearest friday!but if you read this and did not paste this,then you will have a very bad luck

  9. kanchana says:

    when i will get marriedmy birthday is 12/jan 1987.birth time is 07.54pm

  10. khadija mazher ull haq says:

    my dob is 06 may 1990 and time 03:15am. when will i get married

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